New collection has landed: The story behind the Stack Mug

New collection has landed: The story behind the Stack Mug


I went to my sisters new place a little while back and she made me a cuppa in some mugs she bought from one of her first jobs (Adairs) … 20 years ago! 👀
I said “that’s ridiculous! I’ll make you some. What do you want in a mug?” And she said “I like your Winter speckle range… but I’d also love stackable” as they live in a small apartment.
I love being able to make stuff for the people I love. I immediately began researching and found that most stackable mugs where that 70’s style. And while they definitely have their place and time, they just didn’t suit my sisters style. So I came up with these. And she loves them! Hooray!

Lots of people ask me about where I get inspiration from and how long it takes to make a mug. Inspiration comes from all sorts of areas, like how the story above inspired these mugs. But the last question is a little harder to answer. But like them, I was also curious as I didn’t really know either. I don’t time myself doing tasks, but this time I decided to give it a go. So here is the break down for 14 mugs:

  • Clay prep - 8 mins
  • Throwing on the wheel - 1h21m
  • Trimming bottoms - 1h30min
  • Roll handles - 20min
  • Attaching handles- 2h
  • Load kiln - 20 mins
  • First fire - 12.5h
  • Cool down 16h
  • Unload kiln 10min
  • Wax bottoms and glazing - 45min
  • Load kiln - 7 min
  • second fire 12.5h
  • Cool down 16h So that’s…
  • 400 mins roughly hands on time for 14 mugs
  • 28 mins hands on per mug
  • + 13 hours firing and 32 hours cooling
  • + approximately 4 weeks on the shelf drying or waiting for their turn in the kiln.

So you can see why it’s never really a straightforward answer.

Stacks and stacks of these Stack Mugs heading out the door this week! I made a few different shapes for the stack mugs - but my most popular one is Batch A. It has a rounded bottom. I like a rounded bottom. Do you also like rounded bottom? But my personal favourite is Batch B, it has a more square bum.

Hand made, speckled, stoneware mug glazed in a glossy white. Made and designed with space saving in mind, these mugs stack and are sold as a pair. Cute AF for stacking on your coffee machine or having on your open shelf - because who would put these behind a cupboard?! crazy!

Check them out here.

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