The Fine Line Between "Wow" and "How?" in Handmade Ceramics

Welcome to my world, where clay is my canvas and the wheel is my dance floor! As a ceramicist in Melbourne, I've learned that when it comes to handmade ceramics, the debate between form and function is like a never-ending tango.

Picture this: I'm at the wheel, clay spinning under my fingertips, and I'm asking myself, "Should this bowl be practical or a Picasso?" It's a tough call! I want my pieces to be functional, sure, but I also want them to make people stop and say, "Wow, how did she do that?"

One of the joys of handmade ceramics is embracing the imperfections. You know, those little quirks that say, "Hey, I'm unique!" It's like each piece has its own personality. Some are shy and subtle, while others are bold and in your face – kind of like my Monday mornings versus Fridays!

But let's not forget about function! I mean, what's the point of a mug if it can't hold your coffee without leaking? I always say, form should follow function, but it doesn't hurt if it's easy on the eyes too.

In my studio, I'm constantly walking the tightrope between art and usability. It's a balancing act that keeps me on my toes – literally, because have you ever tried to center clay on a wonky wheel?

So, the next time you're sipping from a handmade mug or serving salad in a one-of-a-kind bowl, remember that behind every piece is a ceramicist trying to find that sweet spot between "Wow" and "How?"

Handmade ceramics is a craft that's as much about laughter as it is about clay. It's about embracing the imperfections, finding beauty in the unexpected, and above all, never taking yourself too seriously. Cheers to that – preferably in a handmade mug!

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