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Adele Macer Ceramics

Kosmo Bowl

Kosmo Bowl

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Wheel thrown, ceramic Kosmo Bowl in light textured clay. You can burn incense or stick a flower in the holes. You can pop a crystal, burn a tea light or incense cone, or even pop a flower in the middle. I use mine to keep my smudge stick ready for when I need a quick smoke out. (White Speckled doesn’t have flower holes).

Choose from White, White Speckled, Pink, Warm Speckled or Dreamy (pinky/peachy/purple glaze).

Everything is handmade by myself in Melbourne. That means that no two items are the same and that is what makes them special. Sometimes the image you see is an example of the product, not the exact product you are buying, so small differences will be evident.

Avoid thermal shock (ie. very hot to very cold)


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