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Adele Macer Ceramics

Make at home - clay kit and class - Vase

Make at home - clay kit and class - Vase

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THE CLASS - Level up your clay making skills from Mrs. McCarthy's year 7 ceramics class to fine art with my 30 min + educational video. Learn how to use various hand building techniques at your own pace to make the cutest little vase at home. In your pack, you will have access to my fun and instructional video with a complimentary PDF to work alongside with.

I’ll show you how to make and decorate your own beautiful creation using specially handmade and designed Adele Macer Ceramics water bowl, wooden paddle and reusable and washable cloth, alongside a set of basic tools for everything you will need to get started.

You will have access to my vase video to watch again and again, learning some of the basics in hand building techniques. Gather around, pause and play at your own pace, and learn alongside me to make your very own masterpiece.

THE CLAY - 2 Packets of MID FIRE 33 Australian made Keane’s Clay. Mid fire 33 is fired at 1000c for Bisque Fire (first fire) and 1200c – 1250 max for the final fire.


Beautifully illustrated by Allison Colpoys (award winning, local illustrator) you will find these printed instructions super useful to use alongside the video. Clear and concise, and great to stick up on the wall for future use, you’ll love using these to inspire more handmade creations.


  • Adele Macer Ceramics handmade water bowl

  • Adele Macer Ceramics branded handmade wooden paddle

  • Adele Macer Ceramics branded handmade, washable and reusable cloth

  • Cutting wire

  • Sponge

  • Wooden rib

  • Needle

  • Stainless steel kidney

  • Wooden modelling tool

  • Wire trimming (ribbon) tool x 2

  • Tissue Transfer

  • Sealed bag for unused clay

*Please note: In your kit you will receive further information about how to receive the class link. A lot of work went into making this video for you, so this is a private link just for you, please do not share. Please get in touch if you have any issues.

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