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Make at home - Clay Kit - Mini Vase

Make at home - Clay Kit - Mini Vase

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Learn how to use various hand building techniques to make the cutest mini vase at home. In your pack, you will have 500g of stunning speckled MID-FIRE clay, needle tool, box wood modelling tool and a sponge. You will also get a print out of step by step instructions to help you make your artwork.

This kit is perfect for beginners and seasoned artists who are wanting to enjoy the mindful experience of playing with clay. It’s also great for those who aren’t quite ready to dive head-first into a 6 week class and are wanting to try it out first. This budget friendly kit is the perfect taster to get you hooked! Just open the box to use as a workspace right at your dining table to get started! All you need to provide is water!

THE CLAY - 500g of MID FIRE 33 Australian made Keane’s Clay. Mid fire 33 is fired at 1000c for Bisque Fire (first fire) and 1200c – 1250 max for the final fire.

THE PRINT OUT - Beautifully illustrated by Allison Colpoys (award winning, local illustrator) you will find these printed instructions super useful to use alongside the video. Clear and concise, and great to stick up on the wall for future use, you’ll love using these to inspire more handmade creations.


  • Sponge

  • Needle

  • Wooden modelling tool

  • Sealed bag for unused clay

Please Note: It can take a few weeks until your work is dry enough for its first bisque, so set aside somewhere safe. Once it is bisqued, you can glaze it and then is ready for its final glaze fire. I have more information about all of this and where to access a firing service on my website Online Tutorials.

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