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Adele Macer Ceramics



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Wheel thrown, stoneware juicer in grey or white speckled clay with gloss glaze. Jazz up your juicing game with this sturdy, fully functional and perfectly giftable juicer. Hand carved textures provide the perfect texture for getting the most out of your lemons, limes and oranges and the pouring spout creates a flowing stream for your juice. The neutral tones of the clay and glaze means that it will be one item you won’t want to leave hidden away in your drawers as it will sit pretty on any kitchen bench.

Choose from either the juicer on its own, or having the juicer and jug together.

Juicer approx H7cmxW13cm | Jug approx H10cmXW12cm

Everything is handmade by myself in Melbourne. That means that no two items are the same and that is what makes them special. Sometimes the image you see is an example of the product, not the exact product you are buying, so small differences will be evident. Avoid thermal shock (ie. very hot to very cold)


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